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How Dandy Computer Creations Helped Me Assemble My First Computer

Dandy Computer Creations Is Just What Your Website Needs-02Would it be a surprise if I told your that I have been actively using computers for only the last 5 years? Those things really frightened me back then. Sure, I worked with them at my workplace, but only with specific programs. In fact, the only way that I knew how to use a computer was as a really advanced typing machine. Every time I had a problem with it, I would have to call someone to fix it for me. Now, this wasn’t so much of an issue at work, in fact, it was pretty much standard procedure to call the IT department when something unexpected happens and then just step back while they work to fix the problem.


The problem, however, is that this was the 21st century and I knew very well that a man that doesn’t know how to use a computer would not get very far. So one day, I finally decided to buy a computer. I thought that I would just go into a shop or something like that and that the computer would already be assembled, but when I saw that I would have to buy all those parts separately, my head wanted to burst. I had no idea how to put a CPU in the first place.


Dandy Computer Creations Is Just What Your Website Needs-01Fortunate,y, a friend, who had pretty much the same problem, told me about this place in Minneapolis called Dandy Computer Creations and how they can help any noob (and that was exactly what I was) to choose the right parts for his computer and assemble it for him. So I went to their shop, had a long conversation with one of the workers, explaining to him what I wanted 9as best as I could, since I wasn’t sure either). He recommended a few components, told me which components are not compatible with some others and so on. Anyway we assembled (he assembled, actually, I just watched) the computer in just about 5-10 minutes (it would take me at least an hour), but that wasn’t all. It still needed a couple of softwares on it, so he also installed them as well. Once all of that was done in about half an hour, maybe less, I could finally bring my first computer home and use it.


My first computer was not very impressive to say the least, but it worked for me. But, little by little, I started getting comfortable using it and installing new software on it. I even began to remove old components and to put in new ones myself. Now, I can say for myself that I actually know how to use a computer and how to assemble it, without making an explosion, but who knows how it would all end up if I haven’t learned from that guy from Dandy Computer Creations just how easy this really is when you know what you are doing. So, if you are a noob at this, like I was, let a pro assemble your computer.

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